Floating Beauty: Tanguar Haor By Bashit Al – Amin


‘Tanguar Haor’ is one of the most beautiful haor (wetland) in the north-eastern part of Bangladesh, near the border area of Sunamganj and Meghalaya. The mesmeric wetland is full of diverse people and wildlife. The landscape of Tanguar Haor are painted by three major seasons -summer, monsoon and winter. Every season paints its own beauty on the haor.

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Thus, from here the journey to ‘Tanguar Haor’ starts. To reach my destination, I had to go to ‘Sunamganj’ first. I reached there at dawn from Dhaka. After that, the local people of ‘Sunamganj’ gave a lead to go ‘Tahirpur Bazar’. So, I went to ‘Tahirpur Bazar’ from the ‘Sunamganj Boro Bridge’ Area by Leguna on reserve. After reaching ‘Tahirpur Bazar’, got another lead to go ‘Tahirpur Ghat’ which was next to ‘Tahirpur Bazar’. From that Ghat, I have to Hire a Motor boat to go to my destination.

So, I went to the ghat & hired a motor boat for 2 days. The boatman will work as a guide to roam in the Haor and will take all the sights where I desire for enjoying the beauty. Moreover, the boatman suggested to buy food because there is no option for food to buy at the middle of the Haor. So, I bought food from the market which was going to be cooked by the boatman himself. Thus, along with the food we started our journey from ‘Tahirpur Ghat’ to ‘Tanguar Haor’.

After reaching at the ‘Tanguar Haor’ I literally had just lost my words by watching the view. The endless water body and the horizon made me realise how tiny we are in this grand universe. Yet it’s somehow relaxing when one is on a boat, enchanted by the view.


After living a floating life for 2 days on the Haor, I came back to Dhaka along with some best memories of my life. For me, It was one of my best travel till now…Undoubtedly

—“Moment Hunter” (Bashit Al – Amin)