The Best of Rajshahi. A Short Travel Guide


Rajshahi is called the city of education. If you’re looking for a clean and crisp place to visit Rajshahi will be a very good choice. Half the city’s population contains of students who comes from all across the country and foreign to study in the various colleges and universities established here.

Old and new buildings make a great combination of history and development here. The greeneries call for attention to point out the freshness of the air and not to mention the gorgeous view.

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Also, this small town has the river Padma flowing just by the side of it. A long dam works as the protector of the city stretching around the city. Made by the British form when they used to rule The Indian subcontinent. It is a thing of beauty itself.

There are some must visit sights in Rajshahi if you wish to travel here. The Varendra Research Museum is one of them. It has various historical objects found in the region as well as cultural objects throughout history.

Rajshahi is a very old city. The foundation of the city dates back to 1634. In 1876 during the British period the Rajshahi Municipality was established. And the Varendra Museum is a part of it.

Rajshahi is also known as the silk city. There is even a train named after it if you are interested. The best and purest kind of silk was produced here. Rajshahi silk is a delicate and soft fiber produced from the cocoons of silkworms and is covered with a protein called sericin. The saree’s made from Rajshahi silk are very famous around the country. Don’t forget to drop by the showrooms to take a look.

Among all the attractions in the city two of the biggest are the riverside of Padma and the Rajshahi University. With various tourist spots on both places they are always packed with tourists and citizens altogether. For example the Padma Garden, BGB, the T Dam is few of the main features of Padma.

And the Boddhobhumi, the Shaheed Minar, the Martyr Museum are few the features of the University. But let’s not forget the beauty of these places. Beauty attracts as many people as the structures.

Now, all that traveling must make you hungry. No need to worry about that. There are plenty restaurants around here to go by.

If you are looking for typical Bengali food such as plain rice and vegetables or meat, there are various hotels to serve that purpose. They are practically around every corner. So if you are hungry just getting into one of them and place your order. They are seriously cheap too with very good quality. For example’s sake, try a hotel behind the Boro Masjid in Zero Point. They have various Bengali dishes to try from and never disappoints.

If you are looking for something more heavy like Biriyani or Polao, you better hit up restaurants like Chili’s Biriyani House, Mystic Cafe or Romania Plus. They have the best brownies around the city and strategically placed in the main points of the city. Chillies is at Zero Point, Rahmania at Bindur More and Mystic is placed on the New Market road.

Also, if you are into more western food here is a brief rant for you. The Hideout Cafe makes a mean burger and a great big fat pasta. With varieties of deserts and cool foods. It’s also in the new market road if you’re wondering. Ghost Riders Cafe is the best place to go for cold coffee. Also if you are a fan of cheese try out their cheeseburgers. You’ll be in cheese heaven for sure. Kabab Inn. Has the best you know, kababs. And Espresso has the best coffee and waffle, with varieties of pastries and other deserts. Ice and Fee is the coolest ice cream parlour in town and Pastry shop has any kind of chocolates you want with of course pastries. Hit Orders Up if you’re looking for nachos and Anjum for pizza. Raj Cuisine and Dream Cafe has varieties of set menu to try from. These are the most famous among many restaurants in Rajshahi.

For small bites street food stalls are everywhere. From fries to burgers, noodles in soup, fuchka to chatpati, everything available at your next step.

Now that you have your food and places to visit you need a place to stay. And there are a few decent hotels around here such as Chez Razzak Suites at Padma Housing Estate, Anjum Hotel International at Station Road, and Hotel Dallas International on the Naogaon Highway. They have good rooms and proper room services. Although not five stars, but pretty luxurious stay.

Now that you’ve gotten a somewhat vague idea about this ancient and modern city, and heard this long rant go and visit Rajshahi when you can. You are not going to be disappointed. And let us know if you do visit or simply what you thought of the place.